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Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Story Part II

This is the round up of courtship story begun earlier. After our first date, we started spending a lot of time on the weekends together, but it wasn't until about the fourth or fifth date that I agreed to be exclusive with Santiago.

At about week six (mid July 2007), we were at a party, and someone commented on my non-pierced ears. It is somewhat unusual for a 30+ year old woman to not have her ears pierced. I explained that my mom wouldn't let us get them pierced when we were younger, and then when I was grown, it didn't seem that important. Then I made a joke about "waiting for someone to buy me sparklies before I get them pierced". Well, little did I know that Santiago was paying very close attention to this conversation! Later in the week, I called Santiago to chat, and he said that he would call me back, because he was at the mall. I asked him what he was getting, and he was cagey and nervous and wouldn't tell me what he was doing, so I knew something was up! Friday night comes, and when I answer the door, he has his hands behind his back. He comes in, and shows me what he has in his hands, which is a burgundy bag from Helzburg Diamonds. In it was a beautiful pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings! AND he also got a pair of pearl studs! So we ran to Claires and got my ears pierced. Five weeks later I was wearing my earrings.

We continued dating through the summer and fall. He met my sisters at a family dinner in October, and spent Christmas with us, when he met my mom, of course she liked him! It was during the winter that we started to talk little more marriage, and in January we went ring shopping. I wasn't quite ready to make that commitment yet, so Santiago was very sweet and patient for me to catch up. Then in the spring 2008, we decided that the Fall was when we wanted to get married, and started looking at wedding stuff. But it's weird to be planning a wedding when you're not engaged, so Santiago proposed, and I said yes! (that's all in another post) And here we are at the present!

And here are some pics, because Santiago likes them!

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